IEMs: 3-Driver

Our top selling model, the 3-speaker system is designed to be a flat balance response for all uses. The 3-driver system uses Knowles state-of-the-art Balanced Armature Drivers (informational video below and for specs: Data Sheet 1 & Data Sheet 2.) This means that there are separate Bass, Mids, Highs drivers with integrated crossovers in each ear making a total of 6 drivers in each set. In-Ear Monitors give you the ability to hear yourself and your band perfectly at the levels you want. In addition our IEMs give you 25 dB outside sound isolation, protecting your hearing from the often dangerously loud on-stage sound.

Customize and make them your own style

There are also customizable features and add-ons, such as exotic wood faceplates and laser engraved custom logos. The base model features “Crystal Clears” style with a clear window that shows the hardware inside. To see the choices for faceplates, click here.

Your Best Ears IEM’s will include:

• Pair of custom 3-Driver In-Ear Monitors
Free Ear Impressions if you need them, $50 minimum value (more info)
Custom Earplugs – Your original ear impressions, specially lacquered to be used as earplugs (more info)
New Estron T2 Cables – Latest cable/socket for long life, light weight, and completely disconnectable/replaceable

“Pelican Style” Hard Travel Case – waterproof, dust proof, shockproof, padlock hole, handle, snap locks, customizable foam, label with customized laser engraved serial number, and identifying info tag
Tube Cleaning Tool for removing earwax from your IEM’s acoustic tubing (photo)
Jack Adaptor  3.5mm Female to 1/4” Male (photo)
• Warranty – 1-month fit guarantee & 6 month functionality warranty, with the option to increase warranty coverage to 1 year (read)
User Manual – found online only (read)


You will also need Ear Impressions made. For more information on this, check out the Impressions Info Page