Custom In-Ear Monitors: 4-Driver


• Our proprietary 4-speaker system is designed specially for bassist, drummers, electronic producers, and any other musician that needs emphasized bass response. Using Knowles state-of-the-art Balanced Armature Drivers
• Make sure to see all the faceplate previews here before ordering
• Ordering multiple pairs for a group? Contact us first, for discounted rates!

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Ear Impression Kit

If you choose to make your own ear-impressions at home ($5 off normal $30 when ordered with IEMs!)

Extended Warranty

Extend your warranty to 1-year

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Need In-Ears right away? With Expedited Production we guarantee your set will be completed and in the mail within 7 days or less (including weekends/holidays) from the time we receive your impressions. If for some reason we fail to do so, we’ll refund your fee and you’ll still get your in ears as soon as possible.

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*** IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time, Best Ears is not in active  production making in ears. The business is being closed for the time being. This closure IS temporary, for certain. You can be assured of a reopening in the future — though as of now, the timeframe of that is completely unknown. Thanks for all your support. ***

Our proprietary new 4-speaker system is designed specially for bassist, drummers, electronic producers, and any other musician that needs emphasized bass response. Using Knowles state-of-the-art Balanced Armature Drivers (informational video below) for unparalleled sound quality. This means that there are two separate Bass, one Mids, one Highs drivers with integrated crossovers in each ear making a staggering total of 8 drivers in each set. In-Ear Monitors give you the ability to hear yourself and your band perfectly at the levels you want. In addition our IEMs give you 25 dB outside sound isolation, protecting your hearing from the often dangerously loud on-stage sound.

Customize and make them your own style

There are also customizable features and add-ons, such as exotic wood faceplates and laser engraved custom logos. The base model features “Crystal Clears” style with a clear window that shows the hardware inside. To see the choices for faceplates, click here.

Your Best Ears IEM’s will include:

• Pair of custom 4-Driver In-Ear Monitors – Now 3D Printed using cutting-edge SLA technology with layer resolution of 25 Microns (0.025 mm, 4x smaller than visible with the naked eye) and digital ear impression data kept on file for life!
Custom Earplugs – Included at no cost! A unique perk offered exclusively by Best Ears. Your original ear impressions, specially lacquered and hand shaped into custom earplugs. Includes transparent connecting lanyard to help avoid losing them and exterior bE logo laser engraving (more info)
 Superior Estron T2 Cables – The newest innovation of cable/socket for long life, light weight, highest bandwidth, and completely disconnect-able/affordably replaceable (not pictured)
“Pelican Style” Hard Travel Case – Unlike our competitors, we include a quality hardcase without a paid upgrade. This rugged case is waterproof, dust proof, shockproof, has an air-pressure equalization-port (for airline travel,) padlock hole, handle, dual snap locks, customizable foam, label with laser engraved/personalized custom serial number, and identifying info tag
Sound Port Cleaning Tools – “Wax loops” for safely clearing earwax from your IEM’s acoustic tubing sound output ports (2 Included) (photo)
Jack Adaptor  3.5mm Female to 1/4” Male with gold contacts (photo)
• Comply Wrap – Single Comply Custom Wrap sample included to ensure the perfect inner-ear seal, no matter what (Video)
• Warranty – 1-month rolling fit guarantee & 6 month functionality warranty, with optional increased warranty coverage to 1 year (read)
Best Ears Stickers – Two large bE stickers. Durable, Texured Matte Finish, Waterproof, and UV proof. Show off your support and wise decision of choosing Best Ears for your IEMs!

User Manual – found online only, ensuring the most real-time and up-to-date information (read)